INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON PUBLIC POLICYInternational Conference on Public Policy


You can find here the panels organised in the first international Conference and the communications which was presented.

The title of panel is at the left on this webpage and you can use too the research motor upside.

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The conference began Wednesday, June 26th at 9 am and will finish Friday, June 28th around 5 pm.

Wednesday, June 26th

8h30 Open Registration
9h30 - 10h00 Welcome Speech (UJF Amphi Weil)
10h15 - 12h30 Plenary Session 1: (UJF Amphi Weil)
Roundtable about the "state of arts" on different approaches
14h00 - 16h00 Multi-sessions 1
16h15 - 18h15 Multi-Sessions 2
18h15 - 19h15 Organizational Meeting (IEP Amphi A)
19h30 Drink Reception at the Grenoble Museum

Thursday, June 27th

8h00 - 10h00 Multi-Sessions 3
10h15 - 12h15 Plenary Sessions 2 - UJF Amphi Weil
Journals in Public Policy, a roundtable
13h30 - 15h30 Multi-Session 4
15h45 - 17h45 Multi-Session 5
18h00 - 20h00 Multi-Session 6
20h30 Diner of the conference

Friday, June 28th

8h30 - 10h30 Multi-Session 7
10h45 - 12h45 Multi-Session 8
14h30 - 16h30 Plenary Session 3 - UJF Amphi Weil
Keynote speaker Giandomenico MAJONE,
Emeritus Professor of Political Science
16h30 - 17h00 End of conference and Reception